Sunday, 20 January 2013

Squares within squares....

I read Allison's Stack and Wack blog and decided to have a go. 

I wanted to use up some of my aqua stash.

Made one mistake- cut 8" squares instead of 8.5" !had to trim the squares up so they have come out at 7" 

Should I use this lovely grey " Mama said Sew" texty print for sashing?

Or should I leave the sashing but put a border round the edge? 

Or spotty sashing??

What do you think??


ps- colours in pics are poor as taken this evening- much more vibrant in daylight!


  1. That's gorgeous!! Definitely like the sashing, the white one looks best, but the spot s different. Xxx

  2. Ha! You really shouldn't have asked - you are going to get a thousand different answers! I myself prefer the spotty sashing if you want sashing, or just a spotty border. Not too fond of the grey....but you do what you instinctively feel is right. Lx

  3. I am going to play about with this one until I get the right vibes! Enjoy New Zealand , dont worry about us here in the snow! xx

  4. All are nice but I am partial to spots....I used spotty material in various colors to put on as edging on 9 quilts this past year and still haven't grown tired of will be interesting to see all the responses!