Saturday, 28 April 2012

Tweet Tweet....

The jubilee birds have arrived! 

Even though it has rained al day, they were determined to try out the bird feeder - they have emptied the lot!!

Had a bit of a splurge on the big .com comapany this week- a great japanese cookery book to try and recreate the flavours I experienced on holiday. In addition I found a wonderful patchwork book by one of my favourite fabric designers-Susuko Koseki. The other sewing book is the Tilda collection of lovely things to make for the home, and the last one, the lonely planet guide to where to go this year- since I have been home from Japan I am really keen to find my next trip and have something to look forward to! 

With nothing else to do on a wet and windy weekend, I am tackling the paperwork- but in need of a break  I took my friend Susie to the local Needlework Fiesta- lots of goodies and ideas, but restricted myself to 3 fat quarters and some lovely buttons.  

Now its back to the paperwork - I am determined to throw away out of date bills and documents that have piled up forthe last few years! It is the sort of job that can only be done on a wet day - at least it will give me a clear conscience for the bank holiday which is coming up. 

Happy weekend bloggers......xx

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Patriotic prototypes!

Well, even with Japan still fresh in my mind and lots of projects waiting, I thought I would use the stash I bought at the stiching show at Olympia last month before the Jubilee has come and gone! Everywhere you look at the moment there is a mountain of jubilee merchandise- so here is my contribution!

I plan on making sets for gifts, and also I am going to make some little birds- I made some ages ago in different fabrics from a pattern recommended on a blog-cant find the link at the moment.

And- breaking news- the caravan quilt is Finished! ( well, the front is!)I am very pleased with it  but am not looking forward to backing and ?quilting??.Any suggestions welcome!

And finally, for a dark and dingy Sunday afternoon, a spot of colour form the garden-

Tulips from Amsterdam-literally, brought back by my friend Susie!

Flame of the forest!

See ya soon.x

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Japan Journey.....

 I am home from the most wonderful trip to Japan- I saw my son in Osaka and then joined an escourted tour of the highlights in cherry blossom time. It was absolutely beautiful, the people were charming, the food was delicious and abve all - the fabrics were abundant and cheap!!

This is the Fushima-Inari shrine in Kyoto which my son took us to- it winds all the way up the mountain with 4000 of these torii gates.

We took a cable car up the mountain from a spa resort at Hakone to view Mount Fuji-  apparently there are only about 8 days a year when the mountain can be seen without cloud! we were so fortunate to see it in its entirety!This brought a tear to my eye!

Cherry blossom up close and personal!

A wedding picture- so many couples get married amongst the blossom- it is the most popular time of the year. 

An now, you are all wondering what fabrics I bought.............
Wait no longer- amd I want ideas on how to use them!!

This is an oilcloth from Cosmo- big enough for a table cloth or  maybe cut up for bags??

My favourite echino range- about a third cheaper than here but still pricey!

Wonderful susuko koseki fabrics- some for my daughter.

some Kokka fabrics, at £3 per metre!! 

A few fat eighths that I couldnt resist!

Next time- a few bits and bobs that I bought in Japan, including a little bit of Hello Kitty !!


Monday, 9 April 2012

Very strange trying to blog from Japan!

Well, my trip to Japan is coming to an end, I have one more full day in Tokyo to try and fill any empty crevices in my suitcase with fabric! I cannot download any pictures just yet as using my iPad, but I really do have some stunning snaps of cherry blossom ! And fabrics! And shrines! Etc etc.... Everything on my page is n Japanese, so very hard to remember which tutor to publish but will give it a o! Funny thing is I can read all your logs in English ! Happy Easter to you all, I will be home soon and ready to spill the beans! H.x