Sunday, 25 March 2012

Squaring up!..

At last my caravan quilt is coming to the end- I am in the process of squaring it off! 

It looks quite nice as a tablecloth! 

Had an outing for my latest Vera Bradley bag recently purchased on my trip stateside. I love her bags, they are  are so functional and practical. 

Well my suitcase is nearly packed and I am ready for the off on Wednesday- here are a couple of clues as to my destination:

I feel quite yen rich but it doesnt add up to that much!

Background reading !

Yes it is Japan, just in time for cherry blossom time! I am off to see my son who is at uni for a year in Osaka , studying Japanese. Sooooo excited !!

Hope you are all enjoying this glorious weather. 

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Olympian Day Out...

Just got back after a great day at the Stich and Craft show at Olympia, London. My daughter got us tickets for my mothers day gift but she was unwell and had to stay at home!
I did indulge just a wee bit as you can see by these photos- again, a bit if a mixed bag but I could not resist!

This patriotic assortment will be great for hearts methinks!

 A single fat quarter of this divine Liberty lawn refused to be left behind!

What with the Olympics and the jubilee this year, London featured big at the show and this is perfect for a tote or messenger bag. 

As is this!

The best part of the show for me was the wonderful display of quilts that have been made for each team at the Olymics and Paralympics- called a Gift of Quilts. A few of my favourites were the following, and I apologise for having no details of the makers nor which country they are for.

Fabulous work , lots of ideas to be stored and used in the future!

Ps - I have been tagged , and my reply is at this moment in time a work in progress.....


Saturday, 10 March 2012

Getting aHead-er!!

Wow, thanks to Anne of marmalade and catmint, and Joy of a vintage life, I have carefully followed instructions and managed to produce a great new header for my blog. What a shame  is going in April-  I think I may make a few spares to keep in reserve!

I decided to have a card making afternoon with my daughter Sarah- I got the stamps and stuff a little while back at a Stampin up party, and added a few cheapies frm my trip to the States. We had a very industrious afternoon, I made a brithday card for my mum, and a mothers day card. 

Not a bad attempt for a complete beginner, however my daughters ( she is a teacher after all) are gorgeous. You can see them over at goldfinch and eagle when she has uploaded them. 


Wednesday, 7 March 2012

WIP Weds....


                                                       Its getting bgger all the time...


Sunday, 4 March 2012

Day tripper.....

I am a creature of impulse, so on a whim I joined the Friends of the Royal Academy on Friday night online, so that I could go up first thing Saturday and see the David Hockney Exhibition! No queues for me- I met my friend Laura and we went straight in past the long line of wet visitors and had a lovely time!

Here is a picture from a postcard of my favourite picture in there, created on ipad and painted on multiple canvases. I have bought the Brushes app for my ipad but i am not at all sure I am going to get results like this!

After a coffee and a stroll round Covent garden, where there were a lot of big eggs on display as part of the Faberge Big egg Hunt, I took the tube up to Islington.

I have been trying to get to Raystitch for a while , but managed to go when it was closed. It is a lovely shop, lots of great fabrics and a coffee bar. I first came across them at the Knitting and stitching show, and the shop is becoming more widely known now. The japanese fabrics they carry are quite hard to find where I live. 

It was a beautiful day in London, so I took a stroll round to The Make Lounge, another little gem for crafters and stitchers, with some lovely fabrics and books and some great classes. 

My indulgences in the way of purchases were a little abstract, but I have a terrible habit of getting fabric I like when I see it and putting it in the stash for the future.....

A couple of Kaffe Fasset and a couple of Michael Miller!

This japanese kokka and ribbon are so sweet- I have an embroidery ring in mind for making a picture with these. 

Another great day out- must do some more stitching tonight- the caravan quilt is growing.............will post another picture soon