Sunday, 25 March 2012

Squaring up!..

At last my caravan quilt is coming to the end- I am in the process of squaring it off! 

It looks quite nice as a tablecloth! 

Had an outing for my latest Vera Bradley bag recently purchased on my trip stateside. I love her bags, they are  are so functional and practical. 

Well my suitcase is nearly packed and I am ready for the off on Wednesday- here are a couple of clues as to my destination:

I feel quite yen rich but it doesnt add up to that much!

Background reading !

Yes it is Japan, just in time for cherry blossom time! I am off to see my son who is at uni for a year in Osaka , studying Japanese. Sooooo excited !!

Hope you are all enjoying this glorious weather. 


  1. Have a wonderful time and make sure to tell us all about it when you get back!
    P.S. loving the new header!

    1. Thanks Anne- will definately blog about it on my return!!

    2. Have a great time! Just looking at your last post - on the navy and white sampler quilt ... I have just been putting that bottom right block onto a bowl. This makes me ridiculously excited for some reason. I will show it when it's finished. xC