Sunday, 27 October 2013

latest projects...

Been a bit higgeldy piggledy at the moment- I get ideas and have to try them out, then I seem to go onto something else!
scrappy key fob- need a bit of perfecting!

HST with liberty

improv log cabin minis with Liberty- either become pin cushions or a pillow if I join them up...

improv QAYG with scraps- i need to learn how to do this without finding missed seams when I have finished! 

and again- sorry about the colour, blame it on the dark evening and the lousy weather!
need to make these into mug rug or place mat.

Ta da- recognise the solids and stripes from KF?

Love love love this finished (all bar binding) quilt with my worn and washed bundle- all hand quilted with pale blue crochet thread. I backed it with French tuille from a bed cover. 

My second worn and washed quilt in progress. 

And did I tell you that I am off to Hawaii for xmas? 

Meanwhile, we are due 80mph winds tonight here , so I am battening down the hatches and going to curl up in front of Downton Abbey!


storm brewing....

So a good opportunity to blog and update - had a long break again, dont ask me why, guess I have just been busy !

Here are my indulgences from the Knitting and Stitching show at Ali Pali  a couple of weeks ago.

My favourite textile arist Mandy Patullo

great yatn bombed taxi!

Nearly bought this wonderful Mandy Patullo, dont know how I resisted!

Wool for a gret little waistcoat for me!

Brilliant KF solids and stripes from the Cotton Patch

Gorgeous bundles from the great Worn and Washed by Kim Porter- all recycled fabrics .

A handful of little patches from Liberty

The Sfrican Fabric store had beautiful waxed prints .

Love this tube map fabric- dont know what this will be used for yet.

Longed to try spray basting for a while so have the product now.

Had to have this Tula Pink Acacia charm pack...

So, great day out, spent loads of money but had a blast! 

Will endeavour to post my latest bits of sewing as soon as.....


Sunday, 6 October 2013

sweet sixteen.....

OMG- it was back in August when I last posted! I went to Lille for 4 days , pictures will follow in a moment- and I cant think for the life of me what else I have been doing! Weather was good for the beach so the sewing took a bit of a back seat, and my son has now moved back home from Uni and I dont like  to take over the lounge for sewing .
Anyway, have my sewing mo jo back now, and decided to use a KF jelly roll from the Quilt exhibition- wanted to do a sixteen patch quit  for a long time- so sit back and see the missing weeks in pictures!

Art Deco Piscine Musee

textile books galore in the museum

Get an eyeful of these hunks!

Love stags....

want this cabinet in my lounge!

gorgeous shuttles, came close to slipping one in my pocket but I restrained myself!

Lille is a lovely town, plenty to see, only an hour and a half from London by Eurostar! 
Needless to say we found a fabric shop and I got my hands on 5 pieces of french linen prints- must post a picture later. Not sure what to do with them yet.And of course, a couple of liberty prints- only I could go all the way to France and get a British fabric! 

And here is the small quilt top  I made this weekend-  if you look too closely you can see a few misalignments- I realise the need for accuracy the smaller the pieces, and I have a habit of stretching the fabric with the iron instead of pressing, however, hand made quilts dont need to be perfect in my opinion.