Sunday, 27 October 2013

latest projects...

Been a bit higgeldy piggledy at the moment- I get ideas and have to try them out, then I seem to go onto something else!
scrappy key fob- need a bit of perfecting!

HST with liberty

improv log cabin minis with Liberty- either become pin cushions or a pillow if I join them up...

improv QAYG with scraps- i need to learn how to do this without finding missed seams when I have finished! 

and again- sorry about the colour, blame it on the dark evening and the lousy weather!
need to make these into mug rug or place mat.

Ta da- recognise the solids and stripes from KF?

Love love love this finished (all bar binding) quilt with my worn and washed bundle- all hand quilted with pale blue crochet thread. I backed it with French tuille from a bed cover. 

My second worn and washed quilt in progress. 

And did I tell you that I am off to Hawaii for xmas? 

Meanwhile, we are due 80mph winds tonight here , so I am battening down the hatches and going to curl up in front of Downton Abbey!



  1. Lots for you to be getting on with then? I adore your worn and washed quilt, precisely because it does look about 100 years old - all faded and homely. Sitting in my cold kitchen (aga conked out!) very envious of you going to Hawaii for Christmas! xCathy

    1. sorry for the late reply Cathy- hope you aga is up and running again!
      I love the ethos of recycling fabric- its what quilts were all about really- I constantly buy charity shop garments to cut up!
      Hawaii will be fab- its my 60th and I am taking my son and daughter. xx