Saturday, 9 November 2013

Love and Lark....

By Amy Butler - this has been in my stash for forever so I was inspired out of the blue to make a quilt top this morning- what else can you do in the rain?

I love the brightess of the colours, it is going to look great when finished.

My daughter took a school group to the V and A museum this week and sent me a picture of this little gem...

This is a Patricia Roberts knitted lambswool and angora cardi - I knitted this ( not this actual one) in the eighties, it took me 4 years because it was very complicated and I kept putting it away! When I finished it I didnt like it on me so lent it long term to a friend who sadly then passed it on to someone else without my knowledge at the time- you can imagine how much I would really  love to have it in my possession! It could be worth loads of money!! I can see now how I always had a love for patchwork, even if I didnt realie it until the last few years!! 

I am very into scandanavian crime film at the moment - my latest love is Rolf Lasgard who starred in several series and films- The Hunter , and False Trail  are to be highly recommended as long as you like subtitles. Cant wait for the 2nd series of The Bridge  in January next year. 

Have a great eekend one and all


  1. You must have had a lot of patience to knit a cardigan like that one! I only once tried knitting with mohair and its a devil if you go wrong and have to try and pull it out! Your quilt will be fabulous.

    1. oops- meant angora! edited now!
      Had a lot of patience then, and I did indeed make a lot of mohair garments too- undoing a mistake was a nightmare , you are right!
      This cardi was slow because it was 4 ply, and all the patches had a different pattern, whether bobbles, stripes or zigzags. then the sashing between the blocks was difficult- several needles in use at the same time!
      I so wish I still had it!

  2. Thanks hon, dont know what I will do with it when finished!!

  3. Hi Heather! I just found you in my manual favourites list, but you didn't come across when google changed it's tune earlier this year, and I have been missing your posts. So have re-followed and look forward to popping in regularly. Love that cardigan and Look forward to seeing the completed quilt! Lx

    1. Welcome back Lynne!!
      I haven't done much sewing n the last couple of weeks - am off to Rome for a few days on Saturday , and then it's the rush up to Xmas- I have lots of projects to finish!
      Best regards
      Heather x