Sunday, 22 April 2012

Patriotic prototypes!

Well, even with Japan still fresh in my mind and lots of projects waiting, I thought I would use the stash I bought at the stiching show at Olympia last month before the Jubilee has come and gone! Everywhere you look at the moment there is a mountain of jubilee merchandise- so here is my contribution!

I plan on making sets for gifts, and also I am going to make some little birds- I made some ages ago in different fabrics from a pattern recommended on a blog-cant find the link at the moment.

And- breaking news- the caravan quilt is Finished! ( well, the front is!)I am very pleased with it  but am not looking forward to backing and ?quilting??.Any suggestions welcome!

And finally, for a dark and dingy Sunday afternoon, a spot of colour form the garden-

Tulips from Amsterdam-literally, brought back by my friend Susie!

Flame of the forest!

See ya soon.x

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  1. So glad you had a good trip, I am loving the things you have made with your fabric X