Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Scrappytrip addiction!

Came across   Rita's scrappy tripalong at Red Pepper Quilts and thought it was a great idea to use up some strips rom a jelly roll that I had left over. 

Loving it! Amazing what you can achieve in a lunch break! I have one more block to make and will then decide which 4 to put together for a small lap quilt. 

Back to work!! xx


  1. Good luck with your scrappy quilt, Heather, I really, really, really should get back on my sewing machine and stitch up some small squares for my squares and baskets quilt which has been languishing in my sewing room for a year now, but other things obsess me. At the moment it is felt and top hats...I am nothing if not eclectic! Lx.

  2. Its good to diversify! I am just so happy to be sewing again after a 10 day break! The trouble with me is I see an idea or tutorial on a blog and then have to try it out- I have so many samples lying around- I must complete them into finished projects!!
    Always looking for something new!
    Happy New Year xx