Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year....

Christmas is over and the decorations are down. Not a single stitch has been sewn but that is about to change as I have lots of ideas for new projects.  Random images to follow......

My birthday flowers!

Offspring with Rika,visiting from Japan, at Beaulieu Motor Museum and Palace.

Christmas dinner cooked by my own fair hand. 

Room with a view- alternatively known as the Premier Inn ,Tower Bridge Rd, London. I stayed up there for 4 days while working for Crisis.

Hays Galleria for supper!

Tower Bridge at night. 

Stunning sidewalk along Tower Bridge Rd. 

Piece de resistance! - I managed to get to see the Hollwood Costume Exhibition at the V and A. IT was truly out of this world!

An iconic Knightsbridge landmark- Harrods at night. 

Home again now, house is back to normal and the decs are down. I can get stitching for 2013!

Happy New Year everyone!

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