Sunday, 8 July 2012

Weekend WIP

Well, apart from the terrible weather yesterday, and the sad defeat of a courageous Andy Murray, it has been a pleasant weekend, and I even got the grass cut while the tennis players took time out for the rain!

Saturday was so wet I took the train to Poole and browsed the charity shops. I got a quilting book that is quite useful and a lovely Scandanavian laquered dish.

I also had in the post a trophy head made from recycled MDF which I had spotted in Libertys but ordered on line - you slot it together with rubber washers- its divine!

Next I put up some fabric canvases I made with some old frames-

One of these is for My friend Lauras birthday but  am not going to say which one in case she sees the blog!
Last night I bound my latest quilt- a plus pattern of domestic bliss fabric., and backed with Ikea cotton.

And finally , I played around with some scraps and my Dresden cutting template- the result is ok, I can see several things wrong with it but it was just a trial!

Have a good week folks

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  1. Lovely charity shop finds! I love Poole, we are headed that way at the beginning of September for a little holiday! Your canvases are lovely and what a gorgeous quilt with the + design!
    Victoria xx