Sunday, 22 July 2012

All done-bar the buttons....

Ta Dah........

What a glorious Sunday it has been at the beach! I took my latest quilt to finish the binding- nothing like topping up the tan while you sew! This is a tabletop quilt from Simplify by Camille Roskelly. It is called Coming Home- but I know that I have seen the same block pattern called something else-can anyone remind me ??I am sure it has the name of a USA state in the title.

I used 5"charm scraps and left over fabrics for background. I made a bit of a hash of the quilting and then realised when it was complete that I had not put my walking foot on!
Anyway, it was a learning project and I am quite pleased with it. Everyone that passed me by at the beach hut commented on how nice it was!

My daughter returns from her volunteering in South Africa tomorrow- I have  a 5am run up to Heathrow! I hope the customs and immigration folk are not being difficult! While she was away I have knitted her early birthday present-

I just have to finish putting the buttons on- I reallydo hate the fiddley bits! 

And now- I have no ongoing projects!! What to do next?? I am addicted to creating- I must find something to do. 



  1. Those fabrics really sing together, Heather,and I like the backing just peeping out. Yes, I know, I finished daughter-in-laws quilt yesterday (just in time to pack it today!) and am all geared up to get going on the BAskets quilt which I started some time ago - I feel I've cleared the air and can turn to other things with a clear conscience.

    Your daughter will love her cardigan for sure - which photo best represents the true colour of the wool?

    1. Hi Lynne
      the true colour is the dark blue- the sun ha been so bright today it has distorted all my photos!! Not moaning of course, lovin it! The sea was divine today, much warmer than I expected!
      I am waiting for inspriation on my next project- I am accumulating Kaffe fasset fabrics but scared to make a start -tempted to do something a bit challenging.............

  2. Such a sweet quilt Heather. I adore the cardigan! I'm sure your daughter will LoVe it!
    Victoria xx

    1. Hi Victoria- thank you! I love the cardigan myself- I may have to knit one for me!!

  3. I love the little quilt Heather and what a lucky daughter to have such a lovely handmade gift. Don't worry - this weather's not going to last very long and it'll soon be cold enough to wear it! Yes, all the last fiddly bits are always a bore, with any craft, even pottery. xCathy