Thursday, 5 July 2012

Weekend Stash update

I mentioned that I took a trip to London on Saturday and went to Libertys - but I didnt get a chance to show you what I bought.... there is some Kaffe there and a bit of flea market fancy, plus a beautiful bag!!These are going into the stash for the big handpieced project I wuld like to do , from a Kaffe fasset book, but I am not quite sure which one yet!

Sunday was bad weather here again just for a change and a friend had asked me to make a baby quilt for a new addition to her step family in New York. So I raided the stash and came up with a gingham/soldier cot quilt backed with Ikea houses!

It was completed in half a day- I am getting better and quicker! She was delighted with it and it wll soon be winging its way across the pond.

Today I have just received my copy of Feathering the Nest by Brigitte Giblin, published by Quiltmania, all the way from France. It is a beautiful book, first brought to my attention by Katy .  This is the link to Brigitte's blog.

I am going to have a lazy day today, and if I mean IF the sun comes out I will be off down to the beach.



  1. Love the cot quilt, it looks as if it will feel very soft and gentle - just right!

    I've ummed and ahhed over the Brigit Giblin book..I've loved her quilts for years since finding Dancing Dollies in an Australian quilting magazine. I alsways hoped she'd write a book, but now she has, I'm so not into large quilts any more I don't know whether I can justify buying it. WHat do you think about it now you have it in your hands, Heather?

    1. Thanks Lynne- I was pleased with the little quilt.
      The book is lovely- like you, I am not keen on making big quilts but there are lots of ideas in there which could be made into smaller projects I think. There are lots of templates and tips, nd the quilts are stunning ,even just to look at ! I am a real sucker for books- they are a joy to have- which is why I have not gone the route of the kindle as yet!!
      Heather x

  2. Love your Liberty haul! The bag is just a pretty as the fabric :) and the cot quilt is adorable!
    Victoria xx