Saturday, 14 July 2012

Another day trip to London

I wanted to avoid the mayhem caused by the Olympic torch coming to town , so took the train up to London to see another Japanese ( as you know my son is studying there at the moment so I have a kind of affinity) exhibition. This is   re:new Tohoku, at Asai House, showcasing the wonderful an creative products that are coming out of the area devastated by the tsunami last year.

Here are some examples of the sort of products there
I love these papier mache Roll models!

These handbags are made out of wood!

I love Kokeshi dolls.

These are ceremonial coats , shorter than kimono, used for local ceremonies.

Bamboo woodwings.

After chatting to one of the organisers, who also has a company in Tokyo, he was happy to give me his card to pass on to Alex as he may be able to offer him an internship when he graduates. I was lucky enough tobe given one of the tenugui-a traditional japanese hand towel, as there were some left over from the press packs!

I then traipsed the wet streets of the west end, saw a couple of decorated phone boxes that are dotted about all over the place,

and lots of flags about  since the Jubilee and of course for the Olympics!

And still it rains...................



  1. Will it ever stop raining? Loving the phone boxes!
    Victoria xx

    1. They are cute aren't they? I am officially disgusted with the weather- everyone out today had winter clothes on! Cant remember what it feels like to feel hot!

  2. Fascinating show, Heather, my particular love is ,of course, Japanese textiles, especially traditional ones. However they (the Japanese) have such creative minds and I love their attention to tiny detail. Thanks for showing us.

    I culd write a thesis on the weather at the momemt but I won't - it's too depressing!