Thursday, 28 June 2012

Watch the Birdie!

My latest accquisition has been a heavy duty staplegun- yes I do know how to have fun! So........
I spent a day, when I should have been sitting at the beach basking in glorious sunshine, making up canvas pictures with the old frames purchased from boot sales with fabric from Ikea.(sun failed to make an appearance until late this afternoon and the wind was blowing a hooley!

Help-the birds are taking over!

Cute though, dont ya think?

Then I did a bit more of my Hexi tote bag-

Oops- got my toes in wearing my felt slippers!

Off to London on Saturday for Okinawa day at Spitalfields- will post some pictures when I get back.


  1. Oh Heather, I'm in LoVe with your canvases, they look fab! I too love my staple gun!
    Victoria xx

  2. The canvasses are really lovely.I have never had a go with a staple gun but it sounds like it could be fun!

  3. Hmm, didn't spot that birdie fabric at Ikea when I went...lovely!