Thursday, 24 May 2012

Beach Hut Open and a winner!!

At last the summer seems to have arrived, brought back from Crete by the lovely Cathy  of potter jotter, and the best news that I won one of her beautiful hearts in her giveaway! I will let you see it when I get it!

Meanwhile, the beach hut is officially open for the summer- better late than never eh?

The clock is at 6.45 because I keep forgetting
 to take new batteries down!

No swimming today, but at least I had 4 wonderful hours in the sun, with the beach almost to myself!

Back soon.xx


  1. Ilove your beach hut and what a lovely veiw ,i could very happily sit there all day xxxx

    1. THank you- I often sit there all day if I dont have to work and the weather permits! Housework will still be there...........

  2. Oh how pretty this is! I'm so envious - not just to HAVE a beach hut, but to do the 'playing house' thing and making it look fab.All this AND winning Cathy's give away - a girl can only take so much, y'know!

  3. The playng house thing is brilliant- I change the colour scheme every couple of years. I started off with the proverbial red white and blue! I have it in my mnd to do the next change in very large bold ikea type fabrics, primary colours and contemporary look! Any other ideas would be welcome!

  4. That is just simply gorgeous and so girly! I would love something like that and it looks like you finished it at the right time, the sun is beautiful this week.Lucky you!

  5. Oh how lush..enjoy it I hear the weather is on the turn!