Thursday, 3 May 2012

Bound for success!

At last I have got round to binding this little begger!  

Here comes the big (or not so big, in fact lap sized) reveal!

TA DA......

I am quite pleased with the result-it is my first machine quilted finished project!I can see loads of mistakes but they can all be worked on for the next one. I love all the Kaffe Fasset fabrics, they certainly brighten up yet another grey day.....

The birds are breeding, and the hearts are growing!

                                                             Thats all for now.xx


  1. Hello 'H'! I popped across from the comments page on Cathy's blog, because your list for a plaque had so much in common with mine - and you had a few things on yours which I thought - darn it, wish I'd said that! Esp. the 'apple' as I am a bit chuffed with mine though still puzzling my way round certain aspects of it.

    And I really love your colourful quilts, but mostly I am so envious of your trip to Japan; I love the japanese mags , SO expensive to get over here, and the fabics, both the newer, lighter, Lecien-types and the heavier, woven, indigo sorts. And Taupe. OH! Taupe! When I get a minute I have promised myself that I will concentrate on my taupe quilt - ie, have fabrics, have pattern, have NO TIME!

    Anyway, nice to read about your quilting life, will pop back and 'see' you again!


    1. Hey Lynn, thanks so much for your reply! I did indeed loooove Japan- my son is doing a degree in Japanese so may well live there at some point in the future!! I will have to educate him on the fabric district!!
      I am so into japanese fabrics- the kokka were giveaway prices out there but echino was still a bit pricey! I am getting a stash together for ???dont know quite what for yet but keep seeing ideas and thinking I must do that.!
      Apple is so user friendly- I have been wth them from the start-25 years I think, have a couple of old classics in the loft! Do keep in touch
      best regards Hxx