Saturday, 12 May 2012

High achiever!

Tidy house, tidy garden, tidy mind!- I am finally ahead of the chores and the to do list! So after an early trip to the dump, where I purchased six patchwork magazines from the 1990s, for £1,  I had a lazy couple of hours in the garden with the birds.

I then took a little trip to the nearby town where I browsed the charity shops and found a few good books- mainly about travel.........

as you can tell, I am still very much in Japanese mind set! 

both of these countries are on my trip list.....

Then , I came cross this ittle gem in the Oxfam book shop:

Dating from the 40s or 50s, sadly I cant find a date inside, it is full of wonderful patterns which I may never make!

I love the idea of the cardigan for older woman now that I am one! but not at all sure about the Dutch Cap??????I had no idea you could knit a contraceptive!!!!

Well, thrilled with my purchases, I can feel a lot of reading coming on! 
In June I have an invitation to a friends art Show- here is the flyer, she is a wonderful lady, very inspiring! Anyone is welcome! 

And finally, my latest handpieced project is underway and looking good_

Have a great weekend folks!

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  1. Oh Heather, I have just nearly choked over my breakfast cuppa! LOVE that Cardigan for an Older Woman - bring it on! And knit your own Dutch Cap! The baby layette would be your next project, wouldn't it! How innocent people in general were in those days.

    Hmm, those hexagons look intrigueing....what have you got planned? And your friend's painting looks brilliant - love those technicolour geese - shame it's such a hike from Norfolk to Lymington.....well, from Norfolk to anywhere, really.......