Thursday, 26 January 2012

Thursdays thoughts and bargain vintage

Had a welcome day off today, so after a few household chores, I took the chance to have a look at some local charity shops- found this great tapestry for the grand sum of £1.49! I have removed it from the frame, and think it will make a great tote bag front... another project to put on the list!

I then found 2 George Hann prints which are unusually bright in colour- so many of them that you find have faded due to sun light on them. These are great and have been hung up in my bedroom.They were a bargain at  £3 each!!

I had a brilliant evening yesterday at Annies "Stampin Up" party run by her sister Sally Bowman- I have never stamped in my life-(other than in temper you understand)- but I tell you what- this could become seriously addictive!! It was a great bunch of girls, we had a laugh and a chat while we produced our first ever card with stamping! Mine was ok, I really preferred some of the others attempts though. But it gave me a taste of what could be achieved and needless to say I succumbed and placed an order- I cant wait to get my sticky fingers on the stamps and ink and get going!!Talk about stash envy-I can see stamp envy on the horizon!

Today I did a little bit of sewing- I had promised my friend Laura  a pot holder and finally got round to making it- in fact I made 2 , very quickly put together as is my wont! I really hope she likes the colours- they do go with her kitchen! 

Off to indulge my addiction- a little bit more of The Killing, episode 14..........


  1. I love the prints ... a bargain indeedy! M

  2. Those prints look very familiar, I think we hAd similar ones in our house when I was growing up. Love your potholders. xx