Sunday, 10 March 2013

What a lovely mothers day-or two!

Had a great weekend with my lovely daughter who came for a girlie crafting weekend- and a glass of wine ot two....

We made some cards for my mums upcoming 80th birthday, and went thro loads of old photos in the process- how funny some of them were from when i was little and the kids were little! Here are the completed cards

Sarah bought my mothers day presents in Ghana!  here are the wonderful african wax prints 

Cant wait to come up with a plan for them! In addition she bought me a beautiful picture on canvas- needs framing so watch this space!

We gave up on cooking last night so went up to the local Indian restaurant for a meal which was delicious. Ate far too much as usual!

Ths morning she showed me how to make a zippered pouch and here is my first attempt- needs more care next time, but know I know how to do it!

And finally, after sarah went home to do some marking, I decided to clear out my office/spare room/computer room.... goodbye to all my degree work - since I hadnt looked at it for the last 20 years I dont think I am going to need it anytime soon! 

In addition to the rubbish I have loads of stuff for the charity shops and lots of things for ebay!

And here is a very tidy cupboard....
In the middle of all this my son called to wish me Happy Mothers day- I missed the call because I had bluegrass playing too loudly- but I called him straight back and had a chat. He is up to his eyes with his dissertation and will graduate in July with a degree in Japanese!

I rounded off the day with a soak in the bath........very content and relaxed, with that feeling of smugness you get when you have achieved a lot in one day!



  1. Ah Heather SO GOOD to see the de-cluttering bug is spreading! I did my larder cupboard last night! Fell so virtuous.

    What a great weekend you've had, and so good to spend time with your daughter. I have some of those fabrics, I buy mine from Magie at The African Fabric Shop, and I have too much than is good for me!!

  2. A clean out always does the trick! So happy to see you had a perfect Mothers Day!