Thursday, 7 March 2013

Thursday catch up....

Work done-

Tablemats and a card for Mothers day- mounted this old photo of me and my brother and sister along with my mum- approx 1965-  dont you love the NHS spectacles??

Thursday is my day off whenever possible- so a little trip to a localish fabric store that is closing down which had 50% off everything! I know, a fabricaholics nightmare! I had already visited a little while ago when it was only 25% off! 
This is what I came home with- 

I have a purple urge at the moment! I can feel another Jane Brocket coming on!!
I also grabbed a big cutting mat for my talented daughter! 

On the way home I picked up some tulips to brighten up the grey day! Dont forget to stick a pin thro thestem at the base of the flower of a tulip so that they stand upright and open up !

And here is the completed quilt top using stitch in colour fabric- by Malka Dubrawsky in a Bento box design. 

Lunch time!!x

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