Sunday, 26 February 2012

Country roads.....

Well, I am back from my road trip stateside and am happyto report that most of my agenda was fulfilled!
I flew to Washington and picked up a Jeep Liberty- it is so good to drive a big car , although gas is at an all time high over there at the moment-$3.79 a gallon!

I headed to Annapolis, where the Presidents Day Weekend Holiday was in full swing with lots of sales on in the shops- Jo Anns had all their cutting equipment at 50% off, so as you can imagine, I had a full basket......

I then went to find the Cotton Seed Quilt shop where I had a very long browse and purchased a few bits but didnt find the colours I needed to finish my Caravan quilt. 

Off to the Annapolis Mall next, where there was great excitement over the appearence of the next teenage heart throb -Cody Simpson, on a tour from Australia. I have to confess that I have never heard of him, but that said, I can now claim that I have seen him in the flesh!

Even more exciting was the Vera Bradey shop - bag heaven! I really cannot understand why this range has never made it over to the uk- that said, I am quite glad that not everybody has it!

My next stop was Tysons corner, but quite frankly the shops there were not inspiring so I went off to Fairfax and sought out the The Quilt Patch - wow, this was a beautiful shop with so much choice of fabric- I managed to get everything I needed in exactly the right colours.

I met 2 lovely ladies who gave me directions to the Fairfax Jo Ann fabrics to see if I could get some dies for my Go Baby, but sadly to no avail. One of the ladies Donna, was so sweet, and a very accomplished quilter, who I hope to keep in touch with. 

The last leg of my trip was a drive out to West Virginia to visit 2 elderly friends who were both in Clarkesburg Hospital They were delighted to see me, and couldnt believe I was there!
I stayed at their house and got up at 6 am in time to see the sunrise, and the deer feeding out on the meadow. It is a beautiful place.

Time to come home, so I took a leisurely drive back to Dulles via Harpers Ferry . Full of civil war history, this historic town sits on the point where the Potomac and the Shenandoah rivers meet!

Another successful road trip under my belt, I cant wait for the next time!



  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip.I wish petrol was only just short of $4 here!
    You got some fabulous buys too, the fabric especially.

    1. Well - I am jealous of just about everything you did on your trip! Have only been to America once (to New England) and would love to return. Your last photo is so lovely. xC

  2. Lovely pictures thanks for sharing xx

    1. Thanks for following Francine- I love your work, you are a real hive of activity!