Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Senior citizen status- the big six-oh

Had a great birthday yesterday, 60 is only a number so I am not letting it get to me ! Had a roast turkey dinner, since we will not get one in Hawaii! then a great gig by the skiffle band The Dodge Brothers, with Mark Kermode.. they even sang me happy birthday!

Bags packed, ready for the off!

Happy Holidays to one and all.


  1. Now THAT'S the way to do your 60th! Well done, I did my sixty-tooth this year and feel the same as you - it's a number, nothing more. And as a friend recently said to me if life does indeed begin at forty, 60 is the new middle age! Happy New Year to you. (Ps how did you get the pinterest button on your blog? I have followd the instructions but having no luck so far.) Lx

  2. Thanks Lynne , I am having a brilliant time in Hawaii! . Can't check at the moment, but I believe I went to layout, chose a new side box and selected a widget from the list that comes up ie Pinterest . I am sure it wasn't too difficult or I wouldn't have managed it!! Xx