Thursday, 6 June 2013

Busy bee....

Well, a bit of catch up from me- just havent had time to keep up with the blog recently! And now the sun has appeared I may have some time out from sewing - beach hut is calling!

2 quilt tops finally backed and bound- the bento box and my purple Jane Brockett! The latter is for  a 60th birthday present and has 2 little corners and tag in order to take a baton for hanging. I am still not happy with my machine quilting, I would love to take a class in it to improve. 

Although you cant see the back of this rag quilt, it is in denim recyled from a plus size skirt I found at the car boot sale for 50pence! I love rag quilts but boy do they make a mess!

Last Saturday I was asked to do a workshop for a small groupl of ladies - my first ever!! I showed them how to tweet- no not the twitter sort, but fabric birds. I made these a while back thanks to the pattern from They are so cute and everyones came out a little bit different! 

It was a great day, the skills ranged from beginner to serious embroiderer ! Everyone enjoyed it and went away with lots of ideas on making some more for gifts. 

And finally, I wanted to make a baby quilt with  set of fabrics by Riley Blake-Seaside-  I bought them on my last trip to The Eternal Maker with my daughter . So I ran the top up today -

Have a great weekend in the sun!


  1. The birds and the baby quilt are lovely.

    1. Thank you Anne, the birds are great fun- They can be made for so many occasions- I did jubilee birds, and Xmas birds. I love having all around the house!

  2. I love those top two quilts - stunning! Good for you, doing a workshop! Even though everyone is friendly and nice, it still take a bit of courage to do it, I expect! The little birds are great - I love how everyone's is different. I envy you your beach-hut!! xCathy