Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sunday snaps....

A bit if this and a bit of that....

Wanted to make some small mats using Kaffe scraps, improvised quilt as you go method.I dont want to give them away now! I can see a production line this afternoon!

Ths is my first attempt at Hand quilting!!!! I am quite happy with it and actually enjoyed it! I am not using a frame, I couldnt get on with it. And I am sure my technique is way off the planet but I dont care! End result is as required! This is my Mama said Sew street quilt, pattern from the Moda Bake Shop. 

I have 2 lap quilts from recylcled pajamas waiting to be bound, they are looking good. Pictures later. 
Good luck with the Christmas preparations folks
Heather x


  1. You have made a beautiful job of it!

  2. Thank you Anne- I am looking forward to finishing it! Hope I am not going to get addicted!

  3. I really like the quilt as you go method. I made newest grandbaby a quilt this way yesterday....ready for a label today. Instant gratification!

    1. Its brilliant- I tend to do things at 90 miles an hour so as you say, instant gratification and a finished project in no time!
      Heather x