Thursday, 6 December 2012

Bits and pieces....

Ongoing work at the moment seems to be a bit of this and a bit of that.....

I decided to put some selvages together from my Japanese Echino fabrics- and a few other odd selvages that I had...

This resulted in a few key ring fobs from a pattern I purchased a little while ago from Leila at where the Orchids grow. I couldn't punch the holes as my cheap puncher wouldnt go thro the fabric so I took them to the local cobler who did it for free! Just need to put some eyelets in now. 

I then had an urge to do an improvised quilt top using up old cotton an flannel pajamas and shirts that I gathered from charity shops ages ago.
Here is the top , waiting for backing and a little bit of quilting. 

I really like it- I was going to give it as a gift but I think I may haveto keep it!!



  1. Oh Lord - this is horrendous seeing all your lovely little quilts when I have still to blog about my First Ever Quilt! I shall give you all a special pre-Christmas LAUGH! xCathy

    1. I shall look fotward to it- you may well outshine us all with your artistic talent!!

  2. I LOVE those Echino fabrics! And I echo what Cathy says, you are a fast mover!

  3. Me too! I really stocked up when I went to see my son in japan last March.
    As for being a fast mover- I have a reputation for doing everything at 90 miles an hour- not sure it is always a good thing! Its just when I get an idea for a quilt I have to make it NOW!