Monday, 27 August 2012

Back in Blogland....

Well, I dont know what I have been doing to make the time go so fast, but my sewing went into oblivion when the sun came out a few weeks ago!

However, with time back on my hands and a few cloudy skies, I have actually started to sew again!

I must thankSvetlana for a great tutorial on Quilt as you go- I have been desperate to try this since seeing her pot holders!

This is my first attempt using up scraps. I am not sure what I am going to make it into, waiting for inspiration!

I am into my hand pieced project from my newest book- Hex a Go Go  bu Tacha Bruecher.

It is that ld favourite, a union Jack, this time in pale colours- I have scaled it down a bit so not sure if it is going to look completely balanced when  finished! However I will have the option of adding to the outer edges to increase the size if I need to. 

The garden has been lush this year and the baby banana trees have actually flourished and attained a reasonable size too!

Did I tell you about my lovely trophy head I saw in Liberty's and then bought online? 
It is one of those had to have things!!

Well, back to the scrap heap- 



  1. Ooh your hexi union jak is looking lovely Heather! And I love your stags head.
    Victoria xx

    1. Thanks Victoria- I am pleased with the colours- its going to take a while as I just pick it up when I am watching something on tv!

  2. It looks great on your wall. Love the quilting too.

    1. Thanks Anne- I am pleased with it too!

  3. Heather I feel as if I haven't touched a need le on a year! (though I have been up to other things!)

    Never could get on with quilt as you go, but I suppose for small items it makes sense - just the thought of doing a whole quilt's worth then having to faff about with all the thank you!

    What is that interesting item to the right (as you view it) of the stags head?

  4. I dont think I could be bothered with QAYG for anything big- I am sure the joins would be very bulky to handle and I have enough trouble with quilt tops alone!

    To the right of the stags head is a picture from a lovely japanese print which I made for my son- when I say made, I mean I staplegunned the fabric to the frame!! The other side of the stags head is a cast Hawaiian petroglyph representing a canoe paddler with his paddle above his head.

    I am so glad to get back to sewing, I was really missing it!

  5. Just curious-how much did you scale down the Union Jack quilt? Are you using 1 1/2" hexis, or even smaller? I want to make one too but I cant find any pre cut 1 3/4" hexagons so I'm trying to decide which size to use instead.

  6. Hi nancy
    I am using 1 1/4 " hexies ie 3cm downloded and printed fro this site: Its working out well and will be a wall hangng when finished.
    Good luck
    Heather x