Sunday, 13 April 2014

Liberty lust/love!

What a bargain weekend! A bit of thrifting at Ford car boot sale, and a mooch around the fabric shops of Chichester, and a Sunday car boot sale to bag some bargains! I love weekends like this. Now I must show off the wonderful things that I got-

Ths is a lovely hand pieced baby quilt with flannelette backing and satin ribbon binding, made probably in the 50s or 60s I guess. I just couldnt resist it for a fiver!

Now for the Liberty love- 

The darker piece my friend Susie ( more of her in a minute) donated to me- I bought the lighter piece along with these at the Clothkits shop. I paid full price so not so much a bargain rather more of a must have!

Now the bargain- the 2 pieces of red add up to 3.5 metres, and the blue is 3.5 metres- total of 7 metres, rough retail value £112, if it is £16 per metre- mine for £42 ! Brilliant for backing my Liberty patch quilts as they are  large pieces. 

Now for the piece de resistance!  This gorgeous Liberty cross over drss with a double layer skirt all the way round must contain at least 3 metres of fabric if not 4- so approx 40 to 50 £ to by fabric- 

Mine for the grand sum of £2.50p!!!!!!! Thats about 80p per metre!!!! 

Beat that! 

Feeling very smug......

And now back to my demented friend Susie who cannot get enough Kaffe fabric- one day they will lock her away! Anyway, she bought her latest batch and wanted me to run up some pillows- 
here is the result! 

They are gorgeous, but she just doesnt know when to stop!! 

THats all folks, enjoy the sun! x

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  1. Beautiful pillows! To buy the forms over here for the insides is expensive. Great material finds.