Sunday, 16 February 2014

Stormy shores.....

I am sure you may remember I have a beach hut at Milford on sea, and luckily I still have it! The same cannot be said for many other owners following the Valentine nights storm which stranded 32 diners in a seafront restaurant, wrote off their cars and spewed shingle hundreds of yards onto the roads. I wen down to check on it today and saw the absolute devastation which has changed the shore line forever- that said, it doesnt compare to the poor folk who are suffering severe flooding and loss of homes.

Sad times....

on a brighter note- I have been sewing a few odds and ends quilt wise! 

3 charity shop finds to fuel my Kaffe obsession...

A haphazard quilt using all my scraps- kindly put on by a My Poppet- I love the way it turned out, just needs backing and quilting.

Here comes my liberty obsession.... a few pin cushions to brighten up the place!

A little rag rug sampler I made at a workshop down at the Timeless treasures fabric shop In Milford- the same place that had the storm! I enjoyed the cutting up of tee shirts and the process, but not sure if I will be taking it up in depth!

Liberty musings....

A simple 4'squares quilt top- pre stitching, will post the finished article when I have doen it.

My latest obsession- reusing mens shirts , in particular stripey patterns to have a go at Kaffes shirt quilt.

The leftovers are in 5"strips ready for an improv quilt. Looking forward to the hand quilting that is perfect for these type of quilts.

And finally- I had a brilliant night with dinner and breakfast included at the Donnington Valley Hotel and Spa- coutesy of my sister who had a freebie as a gold member. 

Our room was lovely, the bathroom lush and the food excellent. the spa was very relaxing, especially after a bottle of bubbly!

Must not leave so much time before my next blog...


  1. OMG! I LOVE beach huts (don't we all!). I know, as you say, they're only beach huts at the end of the day, but it's still devastating. On a happier note, your quilting is gorgeous as ever - inspiring to look at, for one who doesn't really quilt, like me! xCathy

  2. Love the the idea of reusing the clothing for fabric and can't wait to see the finished have been busy!