Saturday, 30 November 2013

West Country Quilt Show

Great day out in Somerset at the show, and a workshop by Alicia Merrett called map fragments.

Alicias work

and again

and again

and again

1st phase of mine!

2nd phase

the lovely Sarah( daughter)

mine with houses- just need to quilt it at home.

lots of kaffe....


Retrospectiv Rome......

Just returned from 4 great days in Rome- amazing city, good food, bad manners and rip off taxi drivers-  like most european cities really! here are a few pics from my travels...

a couple of cardinals..

st peters square

the colisseum

trevi fountain

spanish steps


piazza de venezia

the pantheon

st peters square again

popes garden...

more magic..

St peters basilica

view from the dome of st peters basilica following a 355 step climb!

look closely at the trainers- this beggar was not what she seemed- every single beggar in Rome seemed to have a hunch back and you couldnt see their face!!

The end