Thursday, 22 August 2013

every picture....

tells a story..... so I am not writing much at the moment but here are a few pics to prove I am still sewing now and again..

Had an urge to to use the Summerville charm pack that i bought a while back.

I think I may add another white border to complete this top. 

I have a friends son getting married next week and I decided at the last minute to make a small lap quilt from Cath Kidston fabrics from my stash, supplemented by Ikea Rosali fabric which is also designed by Cath Kidston. I threw in a few recycled embroidered linen squares

I added a little hand embroidered heart to commemorate the day. 

Ta da...I love the finished quilt, pity it already has a home to go to!

Off to Lille on Sunday- bit of french cuisine, galleria shopping and sightseeing! 



  1. I love your Summerville charm quilt. I think the main reason I like quilting is because it gives me an excuse to play with patterns and colours so I'm a big fan of charm packs and jelly rolls. Hope you have a great time in Lille!

  2. Oh I do love your wedding quilt, Heather! They will love it too, I'm sure. Now Lucy Summers is an old friend/quilting group colleague of mine and I admire her immensely, and 'on the page' I love her designs, but I don't think I would choose them to sew with - they are too modern and graphic for me (Getting on in years, you see!) So yes, I prefer your CK and Rosalie fabrics, it must be said. Lx