Sunday, 12 May 2013

Check this out...

Can't believe the weather has gone pear shaped again! Even got the heating on !

Had a very non sewing week, waiting for inspiration, as sometimes happens ! then wham-
saw this blog by dutch comfort and decided to give HST a go! Always been wary of the stretch element in this block- however, the half square method is great and a lot safer! ( its the one where you sew two squares right sides together, sew a seam 1/4 inch either side of the mid line diagonally, which you can mark with a pencil or iron into fabric on topby folding it in half diagonally.

Mmmm, nice with KF fabrics! 

Then looked through my stash and found an old charm pack of Paisley and Plaid homespun, so decided to give  that a go-

Its only small but will make a baby quilt I think with some borders added. 

I wonder what my next project will be?

Off to watch The Suspicions of Mr Whicher xx


  1. Fun to try a new technique! I love that millefiore-looking KF fabric! The blues and reds will make a lovely baby quilt. Hope Mr Whicher is good - may watch on catch-up later!

    1. I love all the KF fabric- bit of an addiction! I tend to try a new technique then move on to the next one. Funny thing is , I never tire of good old fashioned squares! Still the best!
      Mr whicher is well worth watching by the way!