Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sunday summary....

Had a great day in Bath yesterday with my fabulously talented daughter Sarah, ( take a look at her Etsy site ) , the sun shone all day, the train ride was pretty good fun , crammed with Wales fans on their way to Cardiff, and the retail therapy was rewarding!

I bought some great fabric- 

A Stitch in Colour  by Malka Dubrawsky really took my fancy, and I have ordered her book this morning!

Feedsack quilt now pin basted and ready for hand quilting- could take a while!

Whats this Flea Market Fancy for? the templates could be a bit of a giveaway-

Yes, I am going to do a small lone star , with EPP so that I can take it on my trip to
 Norway next week !

And finally- for the grand sale price of £3.50 -some French Bergere wool for a cowl to keep me warm
in the artic circle!

Loads to do and not much time to do it!


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  1. All looks great! Can't wait to see quilt progress! Thanks for the praise :) xxx