Saturday, 11 October 2014

Making a comeback!


Well, what can I say? My last post was in May and I must confess that I just haven't got around to posting for no reason in particular , just been busy with life!

Let me try and give you a quick resume : 

I had the most amazing trip to Alaska at the end of May .it has become my favourite place because of the incredible scenery and the most awesome wildlife. I stayed in the national park at Denali with stunning views of Mt McKinley, and explored the tundra getting wonderful sightings of grizzly bears and their cubs! From there I took a cruise down the inside passage , where the magnificent glaziers provided spectacular demonstrations of deafening calving! 
On arrival at Vancouver, I had 3 days to explore and take in the vibrancy of the city with all it's fantastic First Nations art. I will post just a few of my favourite pictures

Mt McKinley ( or Denali according to some) 


Dahl sheep


Mummy bear and baby bears

Nice totem!

Bald eagle on ice!

bald eagle on a buoy

Hubbard Glacier -6 miles wide!!

Seals and that eagle again!

View from Mt Roberts Tramway

Having a few problems blogging from my Ipad, and accessing photos, so thats all for this blog, but 
more catchup to come!